Tuesday, February 12

My new mantra...

I came across this quote yesterday, and it's trueness really hit home with me.

I often feel frustrated with Zac's crankiness, crying, and sleep difficulties. And I become overwhelmed with jealousy when I see other moms with their quiet, happy dream babies.

But despite the fact that my boy just seems to have a grumpy spirited temperament, I need to remind myself that my little baby boy will never be this little again.

He is already 3 months old and the time has just raced by. He still feels like a newborn to me.

So this is my new mantra.
When things get tough, I will remind myself that although the days sometimes feel intolerably long and hard, in the big picture time is actually flying by.

And I will try my best to savour every most moments ; )


Tiffany Kadani said...

You know, my sister in law has the most adorable son, but he never slept (still has issues) and he's just a sensitive baby. She would look at sleeping babies and literally weep because it never happened to them. One day she was at her wit's end when he looked at her and said, "mom!" for the first time and suddenly mommy amnesia took over and everything was going to be okay.

Hope things get better soon. Until then, know you have the strength to do whatever needs to be done.

Rae said...

I have a spirited/grumpy/totally-non-angel baby and I was so jealous when I would see friends who had babies that slept, were calm and weren't constantly fussy. My son had terrible colic and can still be a grumpy/particular little dude. It's very hard. And it tested my confidence as a mother. Thankfully that stage passed, but it took a good nine months and I wish I could take back that time that I worried, cried, felt inadequate and remembered this mantra. I'm still finding my groove at 13 months, but it's a world better now than it was and I know it will just continue to get better. I tell myself I just need to love him to the best that I can (while secretly shooting daggers at those moms with "angel" babies".)

Jan Halvarson said...

We had the same issues - and although I don't think it was classic colic, I heard the word "immature digestive system" being tossed around at the time. The evenings seemed to be the worse. If you ever feel like emailing me, feel free. Jan

Jan Halvarson said...

this is a good link - http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/fussy-baby/high-need-baby/12-features-high-need-baby

Lady Grey said...

Thank you for the link, Jan. That was a really interesting read.... and REALLY describes Zac in many ways. Yikes!