Friday, February 15

This week in pictures...

1. I inherited my old Raffi records from when I was a kid : )
2. Why on earth have I been living without a baby monitor?! This is so much better than tip-toeing into the bedroom to check on him every now & then.

3. Zac is making strides in his ability to reach & grasp this week.

 4. Random hand pictures.

5. Lunch at Atwater Market
6. I think my little boy is teething. He is trying to chew and drool on everything!

7/8. Valentine's Day dinner & dessert... the dear hubby cooked me a delicious dinner of herb-encrusted roast lamb and rosemary potatoes. Such a sweetie : )

And speaking of Valentines... my little one has his own valentine this year, and her name is Sophie the giraffe. He has been engaging in some serious make-out sessions with her too.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Margie Oomen said...

That Sophie gets around . Hope she has been screened for GIV:)

Fit With Flash said...

so sweet! happy vday week!

Lady Grey said...

Margie, I literally laughed out loud when I read this : )

Diana Mieczan said...

Ha! Sophie is the best, isn't she? All the babies I know love that giraffe:) Such a sweet photos and your little cutie is growing so fast. LOVE. xo