Sunday, February 24

Weekend Moments: Brunch & an accordion. What?!

What a fun weekend we had up north!

On Saturday morning I had some girlfriends over for brunch. 
Zac decided to be the best baby ever and slept all morning while I baked up a storm. 
He woke up just after we finished eating, just in time for everyone to play with him and marvel at his cuteness.
; )

I made blueberry sour cream muffins, red pepper & feta cheese quiche, and crispy oven-baked hash browns. I still can't believe that I pulled it all off too. I haven't really baked much since Zac was born, never mind hosted a full meal. It was wonderful! I felt like a normal person again.

But the best part about the brunch was that my friend Alex brought over her accordion!
Yes, an accordion. 
An instrument she just randomly decided to learn to play a few months ago. We all took turns with it, and as turns out, an accordion is a lot of fun to play.

My home was instantly transformed into a 1930's Parisian bistro.

On Sunday the weather was mild, so we bundled Zac up really well and took him for a ride in the sled. Well more like a nap in the sled for Zac and a walk for us. Either way it was beautiful out. 
Kind of a sweet tease of Spring weather to come.

You could hardly tell there was a baby in there, he was so bundled-up!

We also got a lot of projects done around the house. We set up Zac's nursery and finally got him to sleep in his crib for the first time. 
We are slowly gaining our bed (and our lives) back ; )

I hope you had a marvellous weekend.


Tiffany Kadani said...

You are so adorable on the accordian!!!!!

Love that first photo. So much movement! So fun!

I would go up North just to taste your delicious treats. Word.

megs said...

Wow what a beautiful post! And yay to living the normal person life again :)

I love everything about your weekend, especially that food you made... yum yum.

Glad to hear Zac made it to the crib successfully! Hope your week is just as good xx

Margie Oomen said...

my brother in law took up the accordion a few years ago and is quite fantastic on it. He has some really old ones that are so beautiful I would hang any of them on my wall. Adorable photographs and the bundled baby melted my heart. I wonder if you know where I might get one of those lumberjack mugs. I know someone who would adore it.

Lady Grey said...

I bought the mug on Etsy, here's the link:

My father used to always sing that song, so I bought him this mug for Christmas : )

Lady Grey said...

thanks Megs : )

Unknown said...

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