Monday, February 4

Weekend moments: a whole lot of eating going on...

On Friday we flew home to Montreal. Thankfully the plane wasn't full so we were granted an extra seat for Zac, who slept peacefully in his car seat for most of the flight.

We visited my parents out in the beautiful countryside. 
It still feels very Christmas-y over there with all the snow.
We drank tea and big bowls of homemade soup, and kept warm by the fire.

Did you know that February 2nd is a crêpe holiday in France?
It's called la Chandeleur (le jour des crêpes), and I guess everyone celebrates by making & eating crêpes! Lucky for us, a family friend (who happens to be French) came over and cooked us up a heaping pile of the most delicious crêpes. Which we then stuffed with varying combinations of camembert,  chèvre, apples, cinnamon, maple syrup, toasted pecans blue cheese.

(The little country birdies clearly like the snow too)

On Sunday we hung out with friends and watched the Super Bowl. All the females there were either nursing mothers or pregnant. Oh my how times have changed!

Our friend Mark cooked up some amazing pulled pork sandwiches. 
The whole production was very intriguing for the guys. What is it about men and meat?

The pulled-pork sandwiches were fantastic, and we all ate way too much.
My friend Brianna made this incredible peanut-butter ice cream pie for dessert, which sadly never made it into my photos because I gobbled it up too quickly ; )

And this is how I spent most of the evening.... nursing Zac under my hooter-hider. 
At least I wasn't the only one ; )

 The Super Bowl itself  was ok, but Beyoncé's dance moves were awesome.... pretty impressive stuff for a new mother. She is one sexy mamma!

I hope you had a delicious weekend too.


Margie Oomen said...

i was thinking about pancake day coming up ( the day before ash wednesday) and now maybe we will change it to crepe day instead. Those fillings sound too good.

For the love of psych. said...

Hehe i love how concerned Z looks in the superbowl picture, must have been a tense play he was watching ;)

Hena Tayeb said...

yummy.. sounds like ad deslish weekend.

k said...

that sounds like a GREAT time!! i'm glad you got to be around fam and friends :)

{jaclyn} said...

I have never had crepes but they always look so delicious! Lefse is a pretty popular cultural food around these parts. Love the shot of the bird tracks in snow! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

christine, just bella said...

Everything looks so delicious, especially those crepes! You're so lucky you got an extra seat and could take the car seat on the plane, how handy!

Mark said...

Just for the record, I am not a Jets fan. I wear that Sanchez jersey as a bit of a joke. Thought I should clear that up.

Natalie said...

awww the baby is very cute!

Unknown said...

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