Monday, March 11

Fevers are no fun...

We're taking a sick day over here.
Zac has his first ever fever and he is not liking it one bit!

He's fine though - the doctor in me knows that. 
He's breastfeeding normally, having his usual amount of wet diapers, and cranky-but-consolable. If I saw him at work I would send him home with only reassurance and follow-up.

But the mother in me, on the other hand, is a total wreck!
I brought him into my bed last night, curled my body around his, and nursed him to sleep... over and over again. His hot little hands clasping my fingers as he finally nodded off.
And then I watched him sleep instead of sleeping myself.

So we're taking a sick day today.
Wish us luck as we weather the storm.


megs said...

awww this almost made me cry! Feel better Zachary and hang in there Mama! xx

Lady Grey said...

thanks, Megs : )

sweet harvest moon said...

Hope he is feeling better!

sending big hugs xx

Margie Oomen said...

so much tenderness and love in these photographs and words. It warms my heart. Hope he recovers quickly. xo

Catherine said...

I hope he is feeling better by now! I can't imagine him being in better hands though! :)

k said...

awww poor thing :( :(

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh I hope he will feel better soon, sweetie. Wish you both a better day today. Muah