Thursday, March 14

Lately Up North... We are braving the cold and praying that spring will come soon...

Lately up north, it has gotten really cold again. 
But we're bundling up with lots of layers and continuing our daily tradition of going on hour-long walks. 

'Cause we're warm-blooded Canadians, and crazy like that : )

And it's not like we can just sit inside and wait for spring to come... sometimes they have snow in June up here!

And lately up north,
we're eating caribou stew and researching baby food recipes : )

And lately up north,
we're bouncing around  in our jolly jumper, and always wanting to get in on the action.

and lately up north, 
we're making blueberry pancakes and hanging snowshoes up on our wall.
(the snowshoes are handmade up here out of wood & caribou hide. And while they are fully functional, they also make for gorgeous northern-style decor)

And yes, lately up north we are putting up with snowstorms and bitter cold. 
... and praying that spring will come to these remote parts of the world too sometime soon.
: )


Margie Oomen said...

and lately up not so quite north it is very cold too but luckily reading and seeing a post like this really warms us up.
Those snow shoes are works of art.

the southern hostess said...

I hope you get some spring soon too, but these wintery photos sure are beautiful!

Joanne said...

I love the pics of Zach in the jolly-jumper, he looks so cute! What a face!

Haylee said...

Zach is the cuutest little thing ever. Those jumper shots are killing me, so stinkin cute.
Snow in June?? Man and I thought snow in April was bad, that's crazy.