Thursday, April 4

Being sick is no fun...

Our little brush with the healthcare system this week really put things into perspective for me.
Having a sick child is really hard. And Zac wasn't even that sick. 

He ended up having to get a few days of intravenous antibiotics for a kidney infection, but luckily, thankfully, everything turned out fine. He had a battery of tests done, and everything is normal... only a bad bug that needed some stronger antibiotics to get rid of.

I can't even imagine how hard it must be to have a truly sick child - with something seriously wrong with them. Always having to be at the hospital, endless medical appointments with specialists... it must be devastating.

We were so drained by the end of this - both physically and emotionally. 
But at the end of it all, we both felt so grateful that at least our baby is healthy and that is the only thing that really matters. It could have been so much worse.

And Little Z was such a trooper! He was so brave during all those tests, and needle pokes, and strangers handling him. I feel very proud of him. He is one courageous little dude.

And he didn't even mind his arm being boarded up to the I.V. that much (as you can see in the above picture of him smiling away)... In his mind the only down side about it was that he could no longer fit his little fingers in his mouth to suck on.... not that he didn't try to repeatedly!
; )


Diana Mieczan said...

I'm so glad that he is feeling better. I kept on thinking about you guys yesterday. Have a relaxing and cozy day, sweetie. He is so cute!xo

vindiebaby said...

Poor little girl, but I love how she's smiling in the picture :)
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Margie Oomen said...

Oh my goodness . The hospital caregivers must have adored him with that gorgeous smile. Thank goodness he is on the mend.

Catherine said...

It must have been an intense few days! glad to hear he's feeling better! :)

megs said...

Ugh he is just too darling! What a trooper, glad to hear he's on the mend!