Friday, April 12

It's going to be a wet weekend!

I know it's April and all, but I'm getting kind of sick of all these showers.
I'm really missing my long daily walks with Zac in the stroller.
I really shouldn't complain though... the payoff in flowers will be well worth it once May rolls around.

So we are spending a lot of time indoors these days.
Zac's two favourite things right now are mirrors and his toes.
It's like he never really noticed them before and now can't get enough of them. And he SO wants to put them in his mouth, but his chubby belly keeps getting in the way ; )

Oh and the husband and I finally went on our first date night since Zac was born... it only took us 5 months! And oh my goodness, was it ever wonderful! We over-indulged at a high end French restaurant, drank some very good wine and ate some very rich food. And then we came home to a peacefully sleeping baby boy. So nice to have grandparents who are willing to babysit (and who can come up with some rather interesting ways to get a baby to sleep).

I wish you a lovely weekend.


Unknown said...

Hope you had fun on your date night! we had our first in ever so long on Friday. love your blog (new-to-me!) xo

Lady Grey said...

Thanks Rebecca, and welcome : )