Thursday, April 11

Let's move to the mountains and live life simply

My husband and I have this dream of one day building a home right into the side of a mountain.
The house would have multiple levels, each with large glass windows and balconies overlooking breathtaking mountain views.
And I'd decorate it with plenty of rustic, alpine charm.

In the winter we'd spend our days drinking black coffee and warming our feet by the fire, and in the summer we'd canoe and fish on pristine glacier lakes. 

Sounds pretty good, if you ask me!

Can you imagine waking up to a views like this every morning?
That's my kind of paradise!

(image credits: first via, third via, last via, all others from Architectural Digest)


Tiffany Kadani said...

This is my heaven. Absolutely.

maria said...

just beautiful!

Margie said...

A truly dreamy post, sigh.

Unknown said...

oh it our dream too! i so so long for the mountains. I grew up in Colorado and miss the rocky mtns. so much! xo