Wednesday, April 17

Our last few days in Montreal...

Just a few bits & pieces over the last few days in this wonderful rainy city...


We boarded the plane bound for the north this morning. I felt rather sad to be leaving my beloved city behind once again... especially in spring.

And as we descended on the icy cold landscape, still very much in winter, I couldn't help but think, why do we live here again?

My last few days in Montreal were so wonderful. I met up with other mammas, enjoyed cafĂ© lunches,  and went on long spring walks through the city with our strollers. 
These simple little activities I miss out on while living in the north. It could be so much easier.

But now that I am back in my cosy northern home, unpacked, sipping a hot cup of tea, laundry going, baby sleeping in his proper crib, I begin to feel good again. 
This truly is my home now. And I truly do love it here. 
Despite all its challenges, its solitude, its isolation, this way of life feels more pure,  more humbling, and more connected to the earth.

After two wonderful weeks of glamourous city living, my cup is full, and I am ready for the quiet again.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Even though you were in the city, your posts are always so relaxing. Perhaps that's why I love coming here so much.

Margie Oomen said...

beautifully said

sweet harvest moon said...

You look adorable in your yellow rain coat!

I remember taking the same picture of the moose when I was in Montreal :)