Monday, May 13

Weekend moments: oh you know just being a mom...

The first Mother's Day you celebrate as a mom is obviously a special one. 
I still get reality checks sometimes that I actually have a baby and that I'm someone's MOM! 
It blows my mind. 
Most of the time I still feel like a teenager.... (that is until I see actual teenagers, and then I'm like, nope I'm definitely 31, and I'm SO glad to be 31!!!)

Becoming a mother has been a major wake up call for me on so many levels.
I have been completely humbled by the process.
I no longer judge anybody. Especially parents.
And single mothers, well, they should all just get a free pass at life, in my opinion.

Becoming a mother, of course, has deepened my respect for my own parents in so many ways.
I get it now. 

And becoming a mother has made me so appreciative of all the little luxuries in life that often get sacrificed by virtue of being so devoted to a completely dependent little person. 
And I guess that's what Mother's Day is for... a day to give back to moms for all the sacrifices they make for you.

And I had a lovely first Mother's Day indeed. 
I received a beautiful picture collage and heartwarming letter from my little boy, which of course made me cry. My sweet husband cooked me an incredible dinner, and watched Zac during the day so I could leave the house and spend some much needed time with girlfriends.

^^Delicious lemon pasta with toasted almonds, parsley & parmesan... what a great husband I have!^^

^^it's still rather chilly up north, but the days are getting really long now, and the late evening sunsets are incredibly beautiful^^

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

ps: one of my best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Mother's Day, and my heart is just overflowing with love for her. Congratulations, Bri!!!


megs said...

Those 2 photos of you and Zac are breathtaking! And I love the one of the glass of wine and sippy-cup :)

I feel the exact same way about being a Mom... it feels weird just typing that sentence!

My sister-in-law made a pretty funny remark when she was watching me in action doing mommy things; just being a mom:

"So... when you become a parent, you'll probably never use the phrase "I'm bored" ever again in your life."

Glad you had such a special, well-deserved Mother's Day!! XX

emily said...

awww love that first picture! you too are gorgeous! Sounds like a good mothers day weekend. And if it's any comfort, it's only in the single digit weather here in montreal today :( so it's feeling pretty 'up northy'.

Joanne said...

Fabulous pictures Vanessa, you should definitely frame tho one of you and Zach, it's beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!

Love Joanne

Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos! Happy 1st Mother's Day! xxx

Unknown said...

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