Tuesday, June 11

Weekend Moments in Vancouver (the belated version)

We had a really great time in Vancouver these past few days. 
There were definitely stressful moments.... travelling with a 6 month old adds many new challenges... but overall it was definitely a success!

Whenever my husband and I travel out west, we always find ourselves asking, why don't we live here??? 
(Answer = distance from family) 
And then we find ourselves scheming, if we could only just convince everyone to move out here with us.....

It's just so unbelievably beautiful!
The mountains, the sea, the old growth forests... it's what I think of when I think of Canada.

^^ Zac takes in the breathtaking views of the city ^^

^^ 1. hiking with Zac, 2. enjoying a room service dinner in the hotel while Zac slept, 3.Tuna sushi cones - delish! 4. Zac trying to steal a bite of dad's burger, 5. Beauty, 6. watching the float planes take off and land on the water. ^^

We took Zac on a gorgeous 2 hour hike at Lynn Canyon. He was completely awestruck by the forest. He just sat quietly in the pack and looked around with his wide, blue eyes, taking everything in.
Imagine experiencing an old growth forest for the first time!

And we are back in Montreal now, and life is pretty chaotic to be honest.
We are moving on Friday and our apartment looks like a hurricane hit it - boxes everywhere, toys everywhere - eeek! It's stressful just writing about it!

Anyway I doubt I'll have time to write any more blog posts this week, so bear with me as we settle into our new home.
I wish you a wonderful week.


Jenna E said...

I haven't been there in so long. The west coast totally has a pull to it. I am obsessed with Vancouver Island. So cute

Great pictures :)

Carrie said...

it looks like you guys had an amazing trip! thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. :)

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sweet harvest moon said...

Since I've been to Vancouver last October, I'm in love with the city!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I've always loved your nature photography, but your city photography is off the charts. Amazing!

Good luck on the move. I hope everything goes smoothly.