Wednesday, July 10

Lady Grey Loves...Handmade Rewined Candles

Can you fall in love with a candle? 
Because I think I'm in love with my Rewind candle. Honestly, I get a little giddy every time I light it.

These gorgeous soy wax candles from Charleston, South Carolina are hand-poured into old, repurposed wine bottles (hence the name re-wined.... isn't that clever?!).

They are lightly scented to mimic the flavours and aromas that were naturally found in the original wine (I love that!). I bought the Pinot Grigio candle... but honestly, it was really hard to choose, they all smell amazing (the Cabernet and the Merlot were close contenders).

(The candle even passed the husband test... my hubby hates scented candles, air fresheners, and all things perfume-y, but this candle doesn't seem bother him. So I think I might go back to West Elm and buy a bunch more!)

I honestly love buying well-made, handcrafted things from small companies like this. 
It makes me happy :)

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maria said...

I'm a sucker for beautifully made, good quality candles. I've had a few that I've been going between at home but my last purchase of a dyptique candle has seen me struggle to light it because it cost me so much. haha
In saying that, I do like buying from companies like Rewind! it's true that guys tend to screw their noses up at scented candles but it's good to hear that these go down a treat. I think you've convinced me to make my next candle purchase!! :)