Friday, July 19

Late Summer Style...

Now that I'm back in the remote north (and going through city withdrawal), I'm back to my dangerous habit of online shopping. Seems I can't resist the free shipping promos!

I instantly fell in love with the above colorblocked cardigan. Sadly for me (but not for my wallet) they were sold out.
But look at these other beauties...

Love this popover sweater:

And this gingham top:

Oh and it seems like I can't own enough pairs of Madewell's skinny ankle jeans. 
(Aside: I must have very short legs because these "ankle jeans" actually fit me perfectly... and pitifully not in a cropped-at-the-ankle sort of way!). 
Also, I pretty much live in my Madewell legging jeans... they are the most comfortable things EVER! 
I just ordered another pair (below) in cyclone wash.

Ok ok, enough ranting and raving about my online shopping addiction.

Happy Friday to you : )

All from Madewell

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Tiffany Kadani said...

I never have success with online shopping, which is sad because I will literally spend hours online looking for one thing.

I love all your picks. A lightweight sweater like that is always a good thing.