Tuesday, July 9

Lately... Life is a beach

 We almost didn't make it to Long Beach Island this year for Fourth of July (something we do every summer with our American side of the family). The last few weeks had been so hectic, with so much travel and changing locations every few days... it had started to take its toll on us, and especially on little Z (who tends to thrive in routine).
But the pull of the ocean, and the desire to see our relatives' smiling faces won us over in the end, and we braved the 10 hour drive to the shore....
and I'm so glad we did!

Everyone should see the ocean at least once a year.

Zachary was a little terrified of the crashing waves, and preferred to watch from a safe distance. 
Any time we brought him close he would cling to us with all his might and burry his head in our shoulders. Oh well, maybe next year we'll get him in for a dip ;)

So we hung out on the sand and splashed in the kiddie-pool instead.

We went for bike rides and sunset walks.

And of course we pigged out on fresh sea food at Harvey Cedar's clam bar (another yearly tradition). 
I never in my life thought that I was brave enough to eat raw clams shucked open right in front of you, but apparently I am, and they're dee-licious (alongside a cold beer and lots of cocktail sauce, that is)!

It was a wonderful end to our vacation.
And now we are back home in Montreal for the rest of the week, and on Saturday we head back up north. I actually miss it up there.

I hope you're having a good week.


Amy Guest said...

Looks like you had a really good time!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww...those photos are so sweet and I am glad you had a wonderful time. Btw: the kiddie-pool looks so cute! Happy July, lovely.

Laura Bear said...

oh love these photos! Those little toes in the sand just kills me!! <3