Friday, July 12

Lately, we're drinking our coffees siphoned!

Have you every heard of siphoned coffee (also known as vacuum brewed coffee)?

Well I hadn't... Not until this week anyway, when we went for lunch at Le Falco in Montreal. An uber-cool Japanese café in an industrial part of Mile-End. All their coffee is brewed with either the siphon technique or via the cold brew method (talk about a labour-intensive barista job!).

We ordered two siphoned coffees, and I watched in amazement as the barista embarked on what felt like a 10 minute elaborate ritual of handcrafting the perfect cup of coffee for us.

There were multiple thermometers going, bunsen burners, glass beakers and hot plates... it reminded me of my college organic chem lab.

Anyway folks, let me tell you, it was worth the long wait and all the fuss.
This was a damn good cup of coffee!

And, quite possibly, the perfect cup of coffee.

It also made me realize that I am a total coffee geek.
While my husband agreed the coffee tasted incredible, he wasn't nearly as enchanted by the complex and intricate brewing ritual as I was.

Have you ever tried a siphoned coffee before?


Tiffany Kadani said...

I have never heard of this!

lovely photos. I love the old feel of them.

Jana said...

Never tried it but if I get to eat that macaroon, I'm in!