Friday, August 2

Happy Weekend! Time to get my Pow-Wow on....

This weekend is the annual Pow-Wow up north.
I think Zac's going to love all the colours and drumming. That boy sure loves a good rhythm!

Tonight we are having friends over for a campfire in our back yard... Honestly, is there a better way to bring in the weekend than with s'mores?! Doubtful ;)

We also really want to go canoeing this weekend... I haven't gone once this summer, mainly because I don't know what to do with Zac. Can you bring a baby in a canoe?!!!
Hopefully we'll think of something ;)

Zac and I are heading back to Montreal on Monday for a few weeks (Adrien will be joining us there next Friday). I just couldn't resist soaking up a bit more of summer in my favourite city.


I hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend. And if it's rainy, and you should find yourself bored in front of your computer screen with nothing to do, here are a few links....

  • This 2 minute video is very enlightening and totally worth watching.
  • Homemade bagels? Why yes I think I just might...
  • I'm loving all the rose gold watches I've been seeing lately. This one or this one would do just fine. Might be a nice return-to-work/you-survived-mat-leave gift for myself!  ;)
  • Ok, this pre-teen girl is way cooler than I'll ever be! (and wouldn't it be great if everyone walked down the street like this all the time?!)
  • these biker boots are gorgeous!
  • And I'm loving this new song from Basia Bulat:

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Tiffany Kadani said...

I just really really want s'mores. I can't think of anything else.