Tuesday, August 20

My dream dining room table...

Ever since we moved into our beautiful new apartment this summer, I've become much more interested in good quality furniture. After 10 years of only shopping at Ikea, I have decided that it's time I invested in some "real" furniture for once.

But oh my goodness, I had no idea how expensive "real furniture" is!!
(and suddenly Ikea is looking very appealing again!) 

 one of my dream pieces that I would love to own one day is a rustic wooden dining table.
I'm kind of obsessed with anything made from reclaimed wood these days. But I'm especially obsessed with chunky dining room tables made from reclaimed wood. They have so much character and feel so inviting to me.
(What I'm not so into, however, is their outrageous price tags)

Here are my two favourites...

 I am completely in love with Pottery Barn's Griffin Table (above & below), which has a thick top made from reclaimed pine and an industrial-looking steel base. 
This is dining room table perfection in my books.

But I also love the rustic farm-table feel of the Emmerson Table from West Elm (very top photo & below). I saw this piece in person at the store and my jaw dropped. It is that beautiful!

But I can't help but feel that I could quite simply just make one of these tables myself. 
Ok not actually by myself, but with the guidance, muscles, and power tools of my woodworking-savvy father. 

Maybe one day :)


prpltrtl946 said...

I am loving the Emmerson Table! Mainly because I would have black and blue knees from that steel base on the Griffon Table!! 8*)

Emily said...

you should check out MA Mobilier Actuel on St Laurent (the website apparently sucks tho so dont go there) my Matt got a great wood table and bench there. It wasn't cheap - as he tells me (I dont even wanna know!) so be warned. It is nice though and you could see it in person since last time we passed, they had some in the store.

Margie Oomen said...


Lady Grey said...

thanks Emily, I'll definitely have a look : )

Lady Grey said...

I know, that Emmerson table is like a piece of artwork : )

Elizabeth said...

So funny, before I read your last two lines I thought to myself...she needs to go to the country and make a table with her dad!!! We have an enormous pile of reclaimed wood in our back yard that is waiting for all of our someday projects! One is a huge sectional outdoor dining table...someday!

xoxo Elizabeth