Thursday, August 29

When it's grey and rainy out, make some soup!

Oh my my my, what a sad and rainy day it is today.
Zac is sick with his first ever cold, and I've spent the morning frumping around the house feeling sorry for myself for no particularly good reason. It's just that kind of day.

I always find my first week back in the north to be a little challenging. To go from the bright city lights and constant stimulation, to this boring quiet remoteness is always a bit of a shock to the system. And it always seems to rain that entire first week back.

But.... when I finally get sick of all my 'woe-is-me'ing, I pick myself up off the floor, turn off the sad tunes, and make a big pot of soup.

Yup, soup.
Specifically, this soup.

It's the best soup in the whole world.
And it always lifts my spirit.
A good soup should do that.


Emily said...

I know that feeling too! I get it when Im away from home/security/comfort. An 'oh my god what am I doing here, i wanna go home' feeling that can just be so overwhelming. But I also know it passes after some time and you surely know it too ;)

Hope the week brightens up. The weekend is almost here and hopefully some sunshine too.

maria said...

YUM this soup looks like the perfect remedy.
I hope you get your smiles back soon - Even through the rain and grey sky!