Saturday, September 7

And his second word wasn't mamma... it was duck

Zac has been saying "dada" to Adrien for a few weeks now, and this week he said his second word... and it was, yes you guessed it, "duck". 
No, not "mama"... that would be too mainstream for this little guy ;)

I guess it's because we play with a rubber ducky every evening  during his bath, so I say the word "duck" a lot. It sounded more like "duck-ha" anyway, but it was a definite attempt!

Anyway, seeing this giant rubber ducky art installation in Beijing made me laugh. 
Apparently Zac's not the only one who really likes ducks ;)

(photos via CBC news)


Unknown said...

oh my goodness. that duck is awesome haha i wish they would bring that to the US!

Margie Oomen said...


Melissa Blake said...

Ever since i saw that online a few days ago, i've been daydreaming of seeing it! xoxo

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..your little Zac is so awesome and yes, that duck is something special:) Muah