Thursday, September 19

Taking stock...

A little inventory of my life at this very moment....

Making : a special gift for the family this Christmas with my mother (details to come!)
Cooking : from this cookbook. Clotilde is my make-believe Parisian friend ;)
Drinking : chai tea and honey... and it really feels like autumn again.
Feeling: terrified about returning to work in October and having to be a doctor again.
Reading: a frenzy of medical stuff to try and whip my baby-fried brain back into shape.
Wanting: the transition into daycare to be a little smoother.
Looking: at the beautiful northern sky at night. It never gets old.
Playing: all afternoon, with Zac, with everything. Our time together feels so precious now.
Wasting: valuable free time tearing through season 2 of GIRLS. That show is so awkward, and raw, and real.
Sewing: not enough really.
Wishing: Zac would sleep all the way through the night more often.
Enjoying: that time in the early morning when I take Zac into bed with us, and we all snuggle under the covers.
Waiting: for this season's Kinfolk magazine to arrive in the mail (it's en route!)
Liking: meeting other mom's at daycare.
Wondering: how long we will be able to sustain this remote northern lifestyle.
Loving: the beautiful friendships I have made up here in the north.
Hoping: to reconnect with dear old friends more often.
Marvelling: at how fast the first year of a child's life goes by.
Needing: a weekend away with my wonderful husband, sans bébé.
Smelling: Labrador tea in the cool autumn breeze
Wearing: cozy sweaters and leggings all day... and really milking my final few weeks of mat leave.
Following: my almost-walking 10 month old everywhere. He barely holds on to one finger and pulls me around the house... but is too afraid to let go. Physically, he doesn't need me, but he's not ready emotionally to be that independent. It's really sweet actually.
Noticing: the leaves changing colour.
Knowing: that even though I'm terrified to return to work, that I will be fine.
Thinking: about the future and where it will take us. And if we should have a second child one day... or not.
Bookmarking: too many recipes that I want to try, and knowing that I'll probably never get around to them.
Opening: my mind to new kinds of music.
Giggling: with Adrien about how crazy cute our son is, and how did we create such a little character?!
Feeling: truly happy. And fulfilled.


I loved this idea of taking a snapshot inventory of your life. It comes from here.


Margie Oomen said...

i hope i have a chance on the weekend to take an inventory. I the idea. Don't fret about returning to work.

Melissa Blake said...

oh, i feel you on the bookmarking thing...i keep saving all these shopping links of things i's getting all sorts of out of hand!

Jan Halvarson said...

Loved this Vanessa

Katie said...

Love this idea, so sweet! Makes you think of the little things, eh?:)

meetmeatmikes said...

Thanks for letting us into your life! I loved reading this list! Girls is so awkward, isn't it?! Have you watched Orange Is The New Black? That's a goodie too! xx