Thursday, September 26


1. A houndstooth sweater or dress, like this one.
2. this bag is totally out of my league, but I still love it.
3. this chunky link necklace
4. Sailor's bib for the little guy
5. The Kinfolk Table - I cannot wait for this cookbook to be released in October.
6. Not that I need another camera, but I would so love to try this beauty out.
7. A classic newbury boot for fall
8. Zac would look so darn cute in one of these Oeuf sweaters (but I just can't rationalize spending $100+ on an item of baby clothes!)
9. This Mini Masters set of baby board books... it's never too early to be cultured ;)


Anonymous said...

I want that camera too!

Anonymous said...

I read about those baby books the other day, and they sound great. Zac definitely needs them!
xo Jules