Wednesday, November 6

Lately, life is busy...

I've been back at work for 2 weeks now, and I'm actually really loving it. I had been dreading going back for so long, but to my surprise it was just what I needed.
I'm only working half-days right now, so in the afternoons I get to be just a mamma again... and I love that!

But it certainly isn't easy doing it all.

I feel guilty leaving work early when there is endless work to be done, and at the same time I feel guilty if I'm late picking up Zac from daycare. He holds out for me.... he knows I'm coming soon so he refuses to eat their lunches or drink their bottles. So when we finally arrive home he's overtired and starving, and frantically pulling at my shirt to breastfeed. In a frenzied rush, bags are dropped to the ground, snowsuits torn off, my bra gets tossed across the room (!), and we settle into the chair and he nurses until he passes out. And finally I exhale.

And then there's laundry, and dinner, and work emails, and my need to spend quality time with Zac.... And this poor little blog of mine? Well it just feels impossible to get to.
But I am trying :)

Being a working mother is hard - but it's also fulfilling. And I'm not complaining. I feel lucky that I get to do it all… or at least try to.
Life is good when life is busy.


Anonymous said...

I have big respect for working mums! I'm a registered nurse with no children and can't get my head around how my colleagues do it.
And you still try and find time to post beautiful things on your blog!
Keep it up - the world needs more people like you :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

We'll be here as you get a groove. Never fear.

Lady Grey said...

that's so sweet of you to say, anonymous. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your heart - I know it must be tough juggling it all, but hang in there, you are an inspiration to lots of us!

nouveau | a londoner's lifestyle blog

Margie Oomen said...

i can relate so well to this post. It seems like so long ago and yet it also feels like it was yesterday. The thing I loved most when they were really little was that at least once i got home from work I didn't have to go anywhere else for the evening. That changes.

k said...

i have been so behind on reading blogs and now you are back at work! I totally know this feeling, about how it is all too much. I even felt like I should stop the blog and switch to something easier like tumblr, but...i think somehow i can do it all as long as i put most of my energy where it counts. we'll get through this!