Weekend Moments - catching snowflakes

We spent the weekend at my parent's house out in the country. It was a lovely last weekend "down south" (as far as Canada is concerned), before heading back up north on Monday morning.

^^ I've been on a bit of a frittata kick lately - filling them with anything and everything I find in my fridge. Zac seems to approve ^^

It finally snowed here! It had felt strange coming back to a green Montreal after having experienced full on winter in the north since October.  It was incredibly beautiful. The first snow is always so enchanting.

And I was especially excited because I had been patiently waiting to try out my new macro lens on some freshly fallen snowflakes.

Otherwise we stayed indoors and ate a lot of homemade baked goodies, which is usually what we do at my parent's house.

Oh and there was a quadruple-decker yin-yang birthday cake, which my mom adored. So that was fun.

All in all, a pretty great weekend!

We are heading back up north today, and I have heard through the grapevine that they have had a ton of snow... so we will probably have a lot of digging to do when we arrive and try to find our buried car at the airport! Wish us luck!


Krystal said...

beautiful flakes!!

Katie said...

That's an impressive and well balanced (get it? haha, not a good one...) looking cake! And beautiful snow -- hopefully still as beautiful and not a nuisance up north:)

sweet harvest moon said...

Sounds fun!

Jan Halvarson said...

Wow, amazing snowflake capturing! So pretty! Happy Birthday to your Mom - she looks like she's making a special grandmother wish!

Unknown said...

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