Monday, November 18

Weekend Moments: First weekend away from baby

My husband and I both had to attend an out of town 3-day work meeting this weekend, so we left Zac with my parents. Prior to this, the longest I'd ever been away from him was 6 hours! So this was not easy for me. But thankfully Zac is really comfortable with my mother, so I knew he was fine. It also helped that she texted me pictures of him smiling around 10 times per day!

Our meeting was in Val D'or... which is a small city in remote northern Quebec. Not exactly the kind of place you want to spend your first weekend of complete freedom! But we still managed to have fun. We are lucky to have a great group of young work colleagues who we have become very close with over the years.  So despite the long, boring day-time meetings, the evenings were a lot of fun.

^^ drinking champagne and getting all glammed-up for dinner with the fabulous, gorgeous girls I get to work with everyday ^^

But let me tell you, I missed my little boy like CRAZY! It was ridiculous, really. I couldn't stop looking at pictures of him on my phone. And when I finally got home on Sunday and saw his beautiful face again, I literally dropped all my bags on the floor, ran over to him and scooped him up into my arms. And he hugged me so hard that it almost broke my heart.

And we haven't stopped hugging since!


k said...

oh my goodness it is so precious that he hugged you!!! i'm glad you survived the w/e. i find myself looking at pics when i'm at work or out with friends even!

k said...
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Hena Tayeb said...

That must be so hard.. earlier this year I was travelling back home without my husband and my mother in law had my three year old spend not just the day but night with him.. i couldn't sleep and was a weeping mess.. my mom had to make a call and have him dropped back the next day.

Jan Halvarson said...

I totally get this!

Unknown said...

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