Thursday, December 12

New York City Bound

Starting tomorrow we are on Christmas holidays!! 
We fly back to Montreal, and then Saturday morning I am flying (sans bébé) to NYC for the weekend. While I am totally excited about a girls weekend in New York City at Christmastime (!!!!), I am feeling very sad about leaving Zac. But he will be with his daddy, his favourite auntie and his wonderful grandparents, so he will definitely be showered with love! 

I've been researching where I should go in NYC, but it's so hard to choose! 48 hours is in no way enough. We are staying at The Ace, so we'll be based in midtown. If you have any specific recommendations of favourite spots - please send them my way. I'd love to hear!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
oxo Vanessa.


Amanda Kemp said...

Go skating in Bryant Park. It is magical and free!!!

For the love of psych. said...

Eeep, I didn't realize you were staying there! Remember my old apartment before the Financial District and after Brooklyn? Its only 2 blocks from your hotel! Madison Sq Park was Charlie's favourite hang out :)

Katie said...

If you can get cheap/last minute tickets to the musical 'Once' it is one of the best shows I ever saw on Broadway! (It's based on the Irish indie movie, and the music is so wonderful.)
I also always love browsing the books at The Strand:)
Have a wonderful time!!

k said...

very exciting!!! i agree you should def go see 'once'. i had friends from nyc talking about it and they loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hey the New Years resolutions and your holiday reflections in pictures! Always a treat to check out heyladygrey blog. Happy New Year sweet niece. xo Lordy I cannot wait till I see that little Zachary this summer! He's getting so so big!