Sunday, December 1

Perhaps the perfect northern weekend...

We had such a great weekend up north -  the perfect weekend to welcome in the month of December. The weather was mild, it was lightly snowing, and Christmas was in the air everywhere.

On Saturday we brought Zac out to watch the Santa Claus parade. Given the tiny size and remoteness of our humble village, we weren't expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised by how big this parade was. There were even real floats!

Children flooded the street and were handed gifts and goodies as the floats passed by. Candies, chocolate, fruit, advent calendars, colouring books… we could barely carry it all home!

 Then on Saturday night we got all dressed up in holiday colours and went to a friend's house for an incredible raclette and cheese fondue dinner.

Zac was such a good sport despite being out waayyyyyy past his bedtime. And once he was asleep in his bed, I attempted to hand-sew him a "Cree-style" stocking. It turned out fairly well considering I had none of the proper tools. (Had I known in advance how difficult it is to hand sew animal hide, I would not have attempted to do this!)

On Sunday we got all bundled up and took Zac for a walk into the woods… in search of our Christmas tree. Now the trees grow kind of wonky and scraggly this far north, so they are all a bit funny looking (in a charming sort of way)… but this year Adrien found us a really good one. It may have involved chopping the top half off a tall, skinny tree ;)

And when we got home, we turned on the Christmas music, poured ourselves some hot coffees and trimmed up the tree!

All in all, a most perfect weekend up north!


Diana Mieczan said...

Your weekend truly sounds amazing and your little guy is cuter and cuter:)Happy December, darling. xo

Margie Oomen said...

one day i hope to experience a northern canadian day like this xo