Tuesday, January 7

Life lately…. it is SO cold!

Like many other places lately, the past two weeks up north have been crazy cold. You know, like hair and eyeball freezing cold. I've tried a few times to take Zac for a walk so we can get some fresh air, but we only last about 5 minutes. Mostly we just step outside to make a mad dash to the car, while Zac buries his face into my shoulder to block out the chokingly bitter winds. Zac even learned to say the word "Brrrrrrrrrr!" this week.

So we keep ourselves busy inside our warm house. We sit by the window a lot. I sip my coffee while Zac looks for stray dogs, and yells "DOG!" whenever one passes by. It never gets old.

^^ Zac looks miserable in this picture - it was minus 40 out, and you can see that my hair is frozen ^^

We have been trying to eat bright & vibrant food - to counteract the winter blues and cabin fever.
And we are planning a trip to Florida to visit my in-laws at the end of the month - so that definitely helps!

^^ keeping ourselves busy on our chalkboard wall ^^

Thankfully the weather has lightened up a bit in the last few days and it is only minus twenty now. … Which is still really cold, but it is a totally manageable cold. We can handle minus twenty. Minus forty, on the other hand, well that's where I draw the line!

Hope you're staying warm out there.


Margie Oomen said...

your photographs are so warm though xx

sweet harvest moon said...

Poor dogs :(

Stay warm xx

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, I can honestly not even imagine 40 degrees below! Holy...people call it cold here when it's 5 degrees! I find even minus 20 very difficult, and thankfully it NEVER gets that cold here in N.Ireland. Winters here are on average about 5 degrees. Pretty toasty in comparison ...though I have to say that those icicles look gorgeous! Bet you are looking forward to FLorida!

Jan Halvarson said...

Minus 40 is hard to imagine - wow, I'm sure it hurts to breathe! But such pretty pictures and Zachary is getting to be such a big boy! So cute!

k said...

man he's a doll! can you believe our boys are actual little people now? its been seeing him grow up!

Diana Mieczan said...

He is so adorable and he is getting so big:) -40 sounds freezing to me, so stay warm, lovely. xo