Sunday, February 23

Weekend Moments in photos and in watercolour

We had a fairly lazy weekend, and spent most of it at home. Although we did clean out and reorganize our entire basement, so that Zac has room to run around and get his ya-yas out.

Sunday morning was the olympic gold medal hockey game (airing at the ungodly hour of 7am)…. but we were devoted to watching it anyway, because, well, we're Canadians. And hockey supposedly runs  in our veins. So we went all out and invited our friends over for an early morning breakfast/pajama party. The instructions were to literally roll out of bed and come straight over, and we would supply bottomless cups of coffee.

There were so many babies and kids in our living room this weekend, I couldn't believe it! I still can't get over how quickly life changes. We are suddenly all parents now, with kids and wonderful chaos all around us…. And these kids? They are seriously gaining on us. And soon, we will be outnumbered ;)

 It was a lot of fun (and yes, we won gold!). But to be honest, I 'm happy the olympics are over now. I'm not even sure why…. just time to wrap it up and move on, I guess.

In other news, our African iris bloomed this weekend. It's such a magnificent thing when it happens (it  rarely does), and the flowers only last a few hours, making it feel that much more special.  We always feel lucky when we witness it. And the flowers are just brilliant, and they smell sweet like honey.

I've been playing around with this Waterlogue app, which turns your photos into watercolour paintings. It gives your photos this incredibly dreamy feel, and makes me want to start painting again.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! And the app looks quite fun, I love watercolors.

Tamara's Blend

Anonymous said...

Haha funny picture where the moms are all looking at the kids and the dads are watching the game :)

Lady Grey said...

Haha @sunflowerraec, I hadn't even noticed that!