Tuesday, February 11

Weekend Moments - trying to embrace the winter

The weekend passed by too quickly, I'm afraid, as it so often does. 

The hubby and I are neck deep in watching season two of Homeland, so we spent a good amount of time curled up on the couch together watching TV…. or maybe I should more accurately say: holding our breath at the end of our seats… that show is SO intense!

I ordered Adrien a snowskate online…. so he could relive his adolescent skateboarding days in our snowy backyard. Zac loved watching his daddy slip and slide and jump and dive all over the place. It was actually pretty fun… Yup, I tried it out too.

I let Zac try colouring for the first time - don't know why I waited so long -  he loved it….

 ^^ Some of the food we've been eating: roasted broccoli, sweet potato fries and pomegranate-glazed chicken breasts. And this recipe for warm butternut squash and chickpea salad is always a winner in this house ^^

 On Sunday afternoon we decided to go snowshoeing out in the forest. I bundled Zac up in the ergo-carrier, then my coat, then I strapped on the Mantoo (and somehow got my snowshoes on)…. and it was still freezing! And Zac pretty much hated it! The wind was really strong and Zac's eyelashes started to freeze over after only 5 minutes. So needless to say, it was a short-lived little adventure.

On the way back from snoeshoeing, Zac fell asleep in the carrier. So I gently lay down on the floor and slipped out of the ergo…. and he didn't budge, so we just left him like this.

Oh and there is no sweeter sight than watching your baby in a deep sleep… I could do this for hours... listening to his heavy breath, resisting the urge to smother him with kisses. I am so crazy for this boy!


Katie said...

Homeland! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Season 3 DVDs (is that old fashioned?) -- I love it!
I can imagine how cold it is up there...but at least it gives you beautiful scenery to photograph:)

k said...

ooo your food is looking good!! i'm watching the game of thrones series at the moment, but i have heard homeland is good!