Sunday, February 16

Zac at Fifteen Months (and a little home video)

This little boy of mine….
… he has the biggest heart in the world.
He's affectionate and cuddly, and he smothers me with big, wet, slobbery kisses (and somehow, this doesn't gross me out in the slightest… I love his slobbery kisses!).

This little boy of mine is such a little monkey! He's walking  running all over the place, climbing on furniture (very precariously) and constantly giving me minor heart attacks whenever I turn my back for a second. 

This little boy of mine loves to help out around the house. He helps me sweep the floor, empty the dishwasher, unload the dryer, and "helps" me unfold all the laundry I just folded. It may take longer to get things done, but it's so wonderful to see him trying to participate.

This little boy of mine is starting to communicate with us a lot more now. He's so hungry for new words - though he can't say most of them - he points to things asking their names and wants to hear them said over and over again. Oh and we accidentally taught Zac to say the word "cock". In truth, we taught him to say the word "cLock", which he proudly and loudly pronounces "COCK!"… repeatedly, and with gusto.

This little boy of mine turned fifteen months this weekend. And in celebration, I put together this little video for him…. which he loves watching and wants to see it repeatedly!


Unknown said...

Great video. Such a cute little guy!

Catherine said...

Lovely video ! They grow and change so fast !

Emily said...

that was SO cute vanessa! so much changes in just over a year eh!

Lady Grey said...

thanks, ladies :)

Nicole R. said...

Such a cute video, Vanessa! That smile of his is just so adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! Especially unloading the dishwasher one utensil at a time!

Margie Oomen said...

what a sweet heart