Tuesday, September 2

Fall Maternity Wear - Hatch Collection

Currently, at a mere 17 weeks of pregnancy number 2, I have a huge baby bump. This little guy is demanding a premium sized living space, and apparently my body is dutifully obliging. 

Getting dressed these days has been kind of discouraging, I have to admit. My regular clothes don't fit properly anymore, but I'm still in denial about going to those dreaded maternity-wear shops that we have here in Montreal. We have virtually nothing decent here.

And then there's Hatch Collection << huge sigh >> 
It's the only maternity line of clothes that I've found that I actually feel excited to wear. The fabrics are luxe, the dresses and tops are flatteringly drapey, and everything is made to last... not just to get you through a few months. But the price - oh the price - makes my heart skip a beat.... because I want the entire collection, and clearly that is just not happening. That being said, the few items I ordered for myself last pregnancy I am still cherishing this second time around. So if your budget can afford an item or two from this collection, I'd highly recommend it - a worthy splurge that will make any pregnant woman feel totally luxurious.

I mean, isn't this stuff gorgeous?!


Katie said...

Congrats, Vanessa! You seem so very stylish, maternity-wear or not. Hope and baby-to-be are doing well:) xo

Catherine said...

Have you been to Aspo Bibi on St-Laurent? I haven't yet, but looking at the brands they carry I'm sure they have gorgeous pieces. I looove Isabella Olivier's dresse and jackets!

Catherine said...

oops ! *Isabella Oliver !

Lady Grey said...

Catherine, I've never even heard of that place - thanks for the recommendation! :)

For the love of psych. said...
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Natalie said...

Beautiful clothes! The problem I find with the drapey, loose outfits though is that people seem to think you're trying to hide your pregnancy... Its not our fault that tight and form fitting isnt our style (bump or no bump!)!
I fully endorse your purchasing of many of these pieces by the way, you deserve it!!!