Monday, September 22

Twenty Weeks - The "halfway there" bump

This second pregnancy is just flying by. I hit the halfway milestone this weekend, and I realized this morning that I haven't taken any pictures of myself, or my growing belly, at all this pregnancy. 
What a difference from the first time around!

So to mark this twenty week milestone (and to outwardly acknowledge this second baby a little more), I got my husband to snap a few pictures early this morning while we were getting ready for work (Zac was only half-dressed by this point but insisted on being in the pictures... and showing off his belly too!)

So there you have it. Twenty weeks in, twenty weeks to go.


Catherine said...

I feel the complete opposite, this pregnancy is taking *forever*! It's like I've been pregnant for an eternity already and there is still 3 months to go! Three. Whole. Months!
And cute bump ! :)

Lady Grey said...

Catherine, maybe I'll feel like that too by the time I get to where you are! Hope the last 3 months fly by!

Nicole R. said...

You look great, Vanessa! That picture of Zac's belly is just too adorable! I can't believe you're already at the halfway point! That's wonderful! :)

Megan said...

These photos are so sweet and adorable! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly <3

Katie said...

These pictures are so precious!

Anonymous said...

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