Sunday, December 7

Lately up North: Christmas tree hunting & feeling festive!

Even though it has been SO cold up here in the north lately, I can't deny that it has also been incredibly beautiful. We've had record breaking amounts of snow, and even though it makes for a lot of extra shovelling, it certainly makes everything feel a little more festive.

Below is the view from our bedroom window... what started as some pretty icicles has transformed into this mushrooming mass of snow which completely obstructs our view of the outside world. Even the icicles themselves have been engulfed by the snow!

On Saturday morning (despite the minus 25 degree weather) we bundled Zac up as much as possible and set out into the woods to find our prefect Christmas tree.

The snow was so deep that we had to wear snowshoes to prevent ourselves from sinking into oblivion. Even the charming wooden sleigh that I insisted we bring for Zac turned out to be useless and only sunk deeper and deeper into the snow. So we carried him instead.

Picture me, 31 weeks pregnant, trudging through 4-foot deep snow on snowshoes, carrying a two-year old. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I felt pretty tough ;)

Zac, who hates the cold, was not a happy camper at first. He was so bundled that he could barely move, but he was still cold, and he cried for the first 5 minutes or so, begging to go back.

But then we found a few contenders for our tree. And Zac's mood turned around quickly when we asked him which one we should pick. We both loved watching Adrien cut down our perfect tree in true mountain-man style.

With smiling faces and frozen toes, we trudged our way back to the car with our tree, and ate homemade gingerbread cookies all the way home. It was wonderful.

And when we got home, we cranked up the Christmas tunes. And the boys drank their eggnog, and we decorated the tree...

It was one of those wonderfully delicious December weekends that makes you fall in love with life (and winter) all over again.

And these boys.... how I love these boys! I feel so blessed to call them mine. Can't believe I'll be adding another one to the lot 2 months from now!


And before I go, here's a cute little Christmas tune to lighten your mood...

(I just love that line "I want to hang your stocking next to mine, when we're ninety-nine". Too cute)

I hope you're finding the time to relax and enjoy your December. Try not to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of holiday stressors... it'll be over before you know it :)


For the love of psych. said...

You are so impressive.
And I can't get enough of Zac, he just gets more delicious every day. It makes me look so forward to Lola's toddler years.
Also I literally LOLed at the thought of Zac so bundled that he couldn't move.

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