Tuesday, February 10

Second week of life....

It's hard to believe this little guy has already been in our lives for two weeks now.
They say that time passes much quicker with a second child. Well, I can already say that it's definitely true.

And maybe it's because there's a good chance this time will be my last, or maybe it's because I know now how fleeting this stage truly is, but I am desperately trying to savour these precious newborn moments as they pass.

Our little Noah is still sleeping most of the time, but he's starting to be more awake and present lately.
And he's showing us glimpses of his little personality too... I'd say he has two distinct sides so far: disgruntled old man, and peaceful little buddha-baby.

Oh and the love that Zachary has developed for his little brother is just incredible! 

It's probably one of the most heart-warming things a mamma can witness. Every morning when Noah and I emerge from the bedroom, I hear Zac's little feet running full-speed down the hallway to greet us, saying "Hi Noah!" in the most enthusiastic voice you could possibly imagine. He then leans in really close and smothers him kisses his face all over. And then my heart melts to complete mush. 
It's the sweetest.

Other than some pretty significant reflux (and probably GERD) going on, Noah remains a really easy-going baby so far. He's just such a pleasure to care for and love, and I keep thanking my lucky stars for blessing me with such a sweet little soul. Seriously, I feel so happy I could cry at any given time.

(Oh boy, there I go again being overly mushy... I swear, there's something about giving birth that just rips your heart wide open, and leaves you in this perpetual state of overly lovey-dovey mushiness. That combined with some serious sleep deprivation, any chance at remaining level-headed is, well, pretty much hopeless.)

So, yeah, that's us two weeks in. We're exhausted and definitely missing our sleep, but we are happy.

So far so good!


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