Wednesday, March 18

Life lately - escaping to Naples, Florida

vacation naples florida

Well we have been having an absolutely delightful week in sunny Naples, Florida. I was a bit nervous about travelling with a 6 week old, but the flight went really well and I am so glad we didn't let our fears stop us from coming here.... because I really needed this sunshine!

We are very fortunate that my in-laws have a second home here in Naples, so it makes for a relatively inexpensive and very convenient getaway location for us. Plus, we get to hang out with family, and having the extra hands around to hold babies and entertain toddlers is a major bonus!

handsome toddler

At 28 months old, Zachary can finally fully appreciate this little winter escape for the first time. On prior visits here he had been too scared to go on the beach or swim in the pool, but this time he has been having an absolute blast in the water. So much so that we are having to deal with minor melt-downs at meal times because we can't convince him to get out of the pool.

^^ Zachary insists on holding little Noah's hand when we go for walks in the double stroller. It is seriously the sweetest thing in the world. Especially considering the many other times of the day when Zac is trying to smother him (with well-intentioned but highly aggressive toddler love) ^^

eating out with kids in Naples Florida

We have been going out for lunches almost every day, which is such a treat for us. Thankfully both of our boys have been on their best behaviour. Dinnertime is a totally different story, mind you. Noah is at the peak of his fussy period and Zac is usually cranky and tired and resisting bedtime with force and fury. All this translates into rather stressful suppers, tepid food, and utter exhaustion by 9pm. 
But I can't complain. Beause we're in Florida. And not in deep snow like our friends and family back home. 

eating out with kids in Naples Florida
 ^^ key-lime pie, I never believed I liked you before. But I do. Oh I really do! ^^

 ^^ taking pictures in a mid-afternoon rain shower ^^

^^ finally letting his feet touch the ocean waves for the very first time ^^

We have a few more days here and then it's back to reality.... one busy week in Montreal (in which we have to pack up our entire apartment in preparation for moving), and then we fly back up north for the next 6 weeks.... back to full-on winter!

I hope March is treating you well so far :)

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Jenna E said...

Aww I love Zachary holding baby Noahs hand, so heart melting! Looks like you are living the good life in Naples!!! So fun!!