Saturday, April 14

New Beginnings....

So it's been a few years, but I've missed this space.
I've missed this blog.
And I've missed you!

Year after year, I've kept renewing this blog domain (it only costs 10$ per year), even though I haven't been posting. Because somewhere I knew I'd want to return to it. Ok, maybe "knew" is a strong word. I had an *inkling* I might return to it one day.
(Also, when I travel - I just really love having online access to my favourite recipes!)

I don't think of myself as a writer by any means, but one of the things I've missed the most has been the writing. It's therapeutic for me.

I have continued to share my life on instagram, which has fulfilled my need for connectedness in the interim, but it's not enough. 

Nothing compares to the freedom of a blog. 
I can write as little or as much as I want.
There are no hashtags, no "like" buttons, or filters.
This post isn't going to appear in anyone's feed, or bombard them if they don't choose to see it.
People read your blog only if they want to. I don't even know if they did or didn't.
And to me, that is what makes it magic. 

And so, here I go again. 
No promises of commitment of course, because life is unpredictable. 
But I've changed and I've grown and also I'm just completely the same. 
And I miss this space. And I miss you.



Wendy C said...

I always check your blog to see if you are back, I always enjoyed your writing and perspective on life. And of course recipes. Glad that you have returned.I really miss many of the blogs that I used to read as so many people just switched to simpler means of communication. I always really enjoyed the writing more than anything. Thanks for coming back, still like your beautiful photos, too.

Lady Grey said...

Thank you SO much, Wendy! You have no idea how much that means to me.

prpltrtl946 said...

Welcome back!! You still have some stragglers hanging around! <3 <3 <3 8*)

Lady Grey said...

That's so wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for sticking around!

Bri said...

Yay!!! You're back!!!! I love reading your posts and feasting on all your gorgeous pictures! Big hugs xoxox Bri

Lady Grey said...

Thanks for your never-ending support, hun!