Friday, March 5

New music from my favourite Aussie

Xavier Rudd is an incredibly soulful Australian artist, humanitarian and didgeridoo player extraordinaire.  His new album, Koonyum Sun, will be out April 19th and I couldn't be more excited.
This album represents a new spiritual awakening for the artist according to his blog, "It's been the most inspirational musical experience of my life". You can download a free song off the album from his website.

If you've never seen Xavier Rudd, here's a little taste:


Amanda Kemp said...

I fell in love with Xavier Rudd when I went to his concert without ever having heard him play before. He was absolutely captivating and I am also really excited for his new album!!!!

Lady Grey said...

oh I'm so jealous, I've never seen him live (even my parents have seen him!)... but he's coming to Montreal May 15th and to Ottawa on the 17th.... so hopefully this time ; )