Thursday, March 4


I just watched Objectified, the documentary by Gary Hustwit, about design and the objects in our lives. It was fascinating and thought-provoking, and made me see my environment in a totally different way. I loved the parts on form vs. function, and the planned obsolescence of objects vs. sustainability and where design ought to be headed as a whole.

The part about camera design blew my mind... the original shape of a camera, a horizontal rectangle, was made to fit the photographic film stock that ran through it... out of necessity & function. Now that cameras are digitalized there is no need for a camera to be of any particular shape, and yet they remain horizontal rectangles. Realizations like this is how innovative design is born. Cool stuff!

See the trailer below:

Next on my movie list will be Gary Hustwit's older documentary about Typography, Helvetica.

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