Wednesday, May 26

I heart Montreal's new bike path signs

Aren't they cute?!

There are so many cyclists in Montreal in the summer that it's sometimes harder to cross the bike path than it is the busy street!

My only pet peeve is that not enough people wear helmets. We have this incredible bike sharing program here (bixie bikes) but for obvious hygienic reasons, they don't provide helmets when you borrow a bicycle. Someone should definitely come up with a solution for this!


a whole lotta love said...

Those signs are so cute!! The Bixie Bike idea is so great. I hope that more cities adopt it.

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

I hear Portland getting the signs soon!
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orange sugar home said...

ok, you live in the coolest city. love those signs and how cool that people are really trying to be green by biking. This might be a revolution after all.