How Do You Like Your Coffee?

In my family, we drink a lot of tea & coffee. But we all like to drink it a little differently from each other. So having a variety of unique mugs on hand is essential.... Dainty, rustic, simple, embellished. 
You may not know this, but your choice of mug reflects your personality. At least in my family  : )
So what type of mug are you?

Are you "classic"

Or Country?

Or perhaps a little more modern...
Or something small & textured, that is moulded to your hands?


Beach House Living said...

Coffee with milk. In an old Mikasa china cup.
Now for tea, super hot in a Ansley bone china mug.

Anonymous said...

machine Italian coffee,can't wake up otherwise, though I adore Greek coffee but it's too strong. The mug i like most from your picks is the plain cream one but the Shoshonasnow is nice too x M

and flowers pick themselves said...

i'm definitely classic + modern. adorable post!

xo Alison

Diana Mieczan said...

I am definitely classic and tall...I love mugs and we have way too many of them:) Great post darling and enjoy your Monday

m.fay said...

MODERN, these are great.

Happy to find your blog.
Please stop by and say hi. xo

a whole lotta love said...

I always drink my coffee in some lovely earthenware pottery mugs that we have... while my husband always drinks his out of very modern glass mugs that you would find in a European cafe. It is funny how different people have different style mugs :)

Bekah Mae said...

Heheh! Those mustache cups are darling! I drink mine out of the Starbucks blueprint cityscape cups. I try to remember to collect them everywhere I go :)

Erika said...

I'm not sure how I feel about being "country," but I love that Jim and Gina mug. It looks perfect for a warm cup of tea in the morning.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I am definitely a bit more classic.. however- I want those moustache mugs really badly!! :)

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