Saturday, October 2

I hope your weekend is uplifting & free!

Happy Saturday, lovely readers. I just got home from a 24 hour shift at the hospital and I am so happy to be heading off to sleep in my own bed. Oh the simple pleasures in life! I just wanted to drop in and say hi and share a few links with you for the weekend.....
  • Another great fall decorating idea
  • This honeymoon subaru commercial is really sweet (and features music from M. Ward)
  • Bloggers love boots - a great round-up of fabulous fall boots (my pick was the La Canadienne boots)
  • Have you met Marcel the Shell? He's pretty cute!
  • This Ok Go video is so cool - it was shot in one continuous take over 18 hours. These guys always make the most original & creative videos (I love the goose in this one!)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Mimi said...

i wish you a restful weekend! :D

<3, Mimi

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hehe love marcel - so cool! have a great weekend, jx

Giovanna said...

So pretty! Have a lovely Sunday!

k said...

aw, thanks for entering boots, that was so fun=)
Ok Go always has the craziest best videos I think!

Elizabeth said...

Ok here goes...can't imagine how you do those 24 hour shifts, I am in love with Marcel...need to see more of those!... That video...18 hours of continuous shooting, well that's almost like a 24 hour shift - more fun though probably...alright you talked me into it...after years of saying I would...I am really going to make spaghetti squash...maybe, right after I go buy some boots...what a clever car ad...sweet - hope that you are rested now!...oh and I want to run on those round hay things...I have seen them all over the net this season! Have a great Sunday! xoxo