Monday, March 7

Weekend moments: it still feels like winter

How was your weekend, folks?
It snowed a lot in Montreal. That's March for you... it's definitely still winter!
I've been making lots of smoothies lately. I think it's my attempt at making it feel more like spring.

Saturday was my dear friend Brianna's birthday. We went out for a delicious dinner at Au Cinquième Pêché. What a treat!

I did get a chance to stop by Montreal's Puces Pop, which was a lot of fun, but sadly I didn't take any pictures. I bought a lovely little print from this talented girl.

By Sunday morning so much snow had fallen that it felt like January all over again. It still managed to look beautiful, even though I'm completely sick of winter.

On Sunday we had an amazing brunch at a friend's new home. Doesn't it seem like that's all I do with my weekends... wine, dine & brunch?!
I made my cardamom coffee cake and my friend Anna made delicious cinnamon buns.
It was a relaxing weekend, definitely filled with fun & flavours. But like most weekends, it passed by too quickly. How was yours?


Chiara said...

Sounds like my type of weekend!!!
I remember living in Montreal.... and the never ending weekend.... I feel for you!!
Where is, Au Cinquieme Peche?

Rachel said...

It does make for beautiful pictures but overall I'm so sick of winter too! Your Saturday night dinner looks amazing!

Carmia said...

You make cinnabuns yourself?! Very impressed.

Jessi said...

looks like a great weekend! Mine was pretty uneventful!

Fit With Flash said...

yeah for coffee cake and cinnamon buns. i've been in a shake making mood as well. super relaxing weekend for us too!

Michelle said...

Hello! It's a very beautiful post! I just love your blog.

Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)

If you follow me, I'll follow you back.


k said...

while you are sick of winter i am wishing for more snow!! pass it here :)

Nancy said...

Delicious food and time outdoors - looks like an ideal weekend. Beautiful photos.