The Coolest Subway Stations In The World...




NYC City Hall station




Do you remember my love of subway maps? 
(Or I should really say, my husband's love of subway maps)
Well, I also love a uniquely designed funky subway station too. 
Aren't these ones cool?!

I so want to go to Stockholm one day!

(via Inhabitat)


Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

AMAZING post! I especially love the Stockholm subways... I think that the Swedish subway system is the best. It's clean, you actually get cell phone service, it's on time... *Sigh...* This post and a post I just did make are giving me the travel bug!

Just a Silhouette

LCR said...

AWESOME idea for a post. I love seeing any feature as long as it's "around the world". It's so neat to see different cultures reflected in their architecture.

Nancy said...

these stations are incredible! Wish I had seen the Stockholm stations when I was there last year.

k said...

those are awesome! i want to see stockholm also!

Erin said...

I'm trying to think about nice stations in Chicago, but i can't think of any! A few have some bits of art, but nothing as nice as those ones. I would love the train a lot more if the stations looked like that!

(Also, I gave you a blog award a few days ago, but was having trouble posting a comment to tell you! Today I'm able to comment again, so check it out.)

sweet harvest moon said...

Great post!
I really don't like the subway in Brussels...

Chiara said...

Great post! I've been to Toronto many times but never saw that stop, I'm curious to go there now!
xo C.

Beach House Living said...

Everyone of them is great!

Unknown said...

Ugh! If the CTA stations were anywhere near this cool I might reconsider moving away!

Two fit and fun gals said...

wow gr8 post thank yo for sharing! dubai looks amazing

Anonymous said...

wow, amazing :) thanks for sharing :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow..those are awesome! Kisses, sweetie

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