Tuesday, March 13

Crazy Little Luxuries: Hey, a girl can dream....

Here's what I've realized on this random Tuesday night....  
Reading fashion magazines is terrible for you!
At least for me. 

The problem with these magazines is that they always leave me wanting things that I had no clue I even wanted (never mind existed). 
And I want them bad too!

 So anyway, here's my wish list of crazy little luxuries....
First up, this gorgeous pendant:
Tiffany & Co's 175th anniversary interlocking circles pendant, made with luxurious Rubedo rose gold. 
Isn't it just the prettiest thing?!

And next, what could be more glamourous than wine from Channel?!

That's right, the Château Rauzan Ségla winery is in fact owned by Channel, 

and the label for their Grand Cru Classé 

was designed by Karl Lagerfield himself.

And last of all, the perfect pair of strappy heels for a summer's night out.
Because they're pure fabulousness!
(Crosspiga patent leather Louboutin heels)

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The Southland Life said...

those sandals are perfection!!!