Three Days in Amsterdam...

We absolutely loved Amsterdam. It's such a liveable city. Despite the crowds of obnoxious tourists (and this is the low season!), Amsterdam is filled with charm.

We found some incredible restaurants off the beaten path, and enjoyed getting lost in the narrow winding streets. We walked a lot! 

Of course we did a few touristy things too...

I loved eating at the tiny little cafes and patisseries. The Dutch make delicious baked goods (I think I tasted most of them).

The Saturday farmers market was a definite highlight.

I always thought Montreal was a very bike-friendly city, but it has nothing on Amsterdam. I've never seen so many bicycles in my entire life!

We stayed at a trendy little hotel called the citizenM
The rooms were small but affordable, and full of character.

The Van Gogh museum was beautiful (but didn't contain many of my favourite Van Gogh paintings), the red light district was interesting to walk through, and the tulips where as abundant as I had hoped they would be.
And that pretty much sums up our 3 days in Amsterdam.

We've rented a car and are driving through Germany to Strasbourg, France. That sounds crazy to most Europeans, because that's like driving across half the continent in one day, but to us Canadians it's just a wee road trip ; )


Anonymous said...

I felt that way too about the Van Gough museum....Where was Starry Night?? As for the bikes, I did a tour of the city by bike and our tour guide told us the Dutch are so passionate about their bikes because during the war, the Germans would constantly confiscate their bikes, so to own and keep your bike was like a badge of honor and nowadays they keep their bikes as a big middle finger to the Nazis as if to say "you didn't get this bike!" whether or not this is true...who knows!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

It has been too long since I went to Amsterdam and I would love to take my boys there- Your photos make me nostalgic.

sweet harvest moon said...

Love going there! I live in Brussels, so it's only a short train trip away...

So true about the roadtrip thing! When I go skiing in Switzerland, I'm already dead tired of the car when we drive past Strasbourg :p

Have a great trip!

Melissa Blake said...

Looks wonderful and relaxing! I love all the pretty colorful flowers!

Margie Oomen said...

we once drove from den hague, netherlands to the south of france with two young children and yes everyone thought we were nuts too but we are seasoned travellers and it is nothing for us to drive out to the east coast in one go, 19 hours straight.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. I've been in Amsterdam and I love that city. And the bike infrastructure...I really envy that one :)
Are you coming to Catalunya? Maybe Barcelona?

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