Saturday, May 5

What I miss while travelling....

I love to travel. I love exploring new cities and new landscapes, and I especially love tasting new foods. But after a while, the one thing I miss while travelling is cooking in my own kitchen.
I've been so inspired by my favourite food blogs lately. I have a crazy long list of bookmarked recipes that I'm dying to try when I get home.
Here's a few examples....

Doesn't this simple dish of baked eggs in roasted tomatoes look amazingly satisfying?!
(photo credit: Olivia of Everyday Musings)

And all of these mother's day brunch recipes have me over the moon! Especially this fried goat cheese and mango salad...
(Photo credit: Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers via A CUP OF JO)

And how about this chestnut tart with oyster mushroom filling? Yum!
(photo credit: Green Kitchen Stories)

And finally, who could resist these sugary homemade doughnuts?

And speaking of cooking at home, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this cookbook. It's going to be brilliant!

Ok, ok, back to the present moment. Although I am totally excited to start cooking again, I will easily continue to enjoy indulging in foreign restaurants for the next several days. After Amsterdam, we're off to France for our final week of vacation. It should be a culinary delight!

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