Wednesday, February 27

Zachary, King of the Green Bumbo Chair!

I was really excited when I got this huge box in the mail. "It's Zac's Bumbo chair!" I exclaimed. It's kind of lame how exciting this was for me... I really need to get out more.

But anyway I immediately plopped Zac inside it (more like squished him in... he has really chubby thighs), and his first reaction was of definite uncertainty. "What are you doing to me, mom", was the look I got. And he quickly slumped over and had trouble getting back up.

But on day two, he is really getting the hang of it.

And he seems pretty pleased with himself too.

 And now Zac can sit with us at meal-time, at eye level. He loves it.

ps: my son has the fattest feet on the planet! Even his toes are fat!

And in other developmental news...
Zac rolled over for the first time! 
Aaaannnd I caught it on video. 
I'm really embarrassed to post it though, because of my hideous squealing baby voice in the background cheering Zac on, but I'll share it anyway because I'm so darn proud of him. 
(maybe listen to it on mute!)

ok that's all the baby news for now!


Margie Oomen said...

Be careful the one we used when lili was little flipped over but luckily she was on sand when we were camping last summer

Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my gosh! The fatter the better! I love that he has chubby thighs and toes. EEP! Adorable!

House of Milk said...

That video is precious!

k said...

i'm waiting for one of those chairs in the mail!! yay! i think wes might be big for it....ha! and the video, SO CUTE! i remember being all way mom proud when wesley rolled over!!!