Tuesday, April 16

A few things I'm loving right now...

Love this perfect spring outfit

Garden Seeds letterpress greeting cards. 
They are handmade, biodegradable and embedded with actual vegetable seeds, so you can even plant them after!

Love this gorgeous triangle tote bag 
(I've had my eye on it for a long time now, I really should just buy it for myself already!)
(via bookhou)

An enchanting driftwood birdhouse.
(If I were a bird, I'd sure like to live in a place like this)

This striped knit dress with leather pockets.
(I really do love dresses with pockets)


Rebekah said...

that birdhouse is wonderful (i want to live there too!) but i guarantee you won't regret pulling the trigger on that bookhou tote!

Margie Oomen said...

hey that's my rebekah, above :) Arounna gifted me that exact tote this weekend and it really is fabulous.