Tuesday, June 25

Lately.. we're in a heat wave and emotions run high

We are burning up here in Montreal. 
The air is thick with heat. 
We all complain, but I love it.
It's how I remember Montreal summer's to be.

Time seems to slow down in this kind of heat.
We hang out in the shade of our fire-escape. It's much cooler back there than on the front balcony. 
We drink lots of fluids. We conserve our energy.
And I welcome these slower moments...
We spend too much of our lives rushing around.
Worrying about the future.

I am trying to live as much as possible in the present moment these days.
To accept things as they are.
To cherish and celebrate each day.

This week has been filled with emotion. 
We suffered the loss of a dear family member yesterday,
and my heart is so heavy with sorrow.
And yet, this week my brother is getting married,
and my heart overflows with joy for him at the same time.

Life is so strange...
and as hard as I try,
I do not understand it.


Fit With Flash said...


Jana said...

such cuteness in a sleeping child!

Rebekah said...

i'm sorry for your loss, and i wish you the strength to enjoy all the good things this week despite it.

Margie Oomen said...

sorry for your loss too. I have given up trying to understand it. Instead I try to experience it.